Today morning, skimming through my closet, I realised that subconsciously I had been avoiding clothes that “fit” around the waist and hip. what was a little jigglly belly skin a year ago, a motherhood gift, is now a toning wrinkly mass with spider web stretch marks spread far and wide. I paused as I pulled… Continue reading Energy


Veggies – the long and short of it!

The Arimamanai (malayalam) OR Aruvamanai(tamil) was an essential part of kitchens in southern India, until a generation ago. My mother-in-law and mother still use it, as well as, a different version of this seating device with a sharp teeth like attachment (cheravai) for shredding coconut (which is a culinary art, I have never picked up, spoilt by the frozen… Continue reading Veggies – the long and short of it!