Finding order in chaos

After much deliberation, thought, confusion and more, I decided to register this blog to save my exploits that stem from the kitchen and everything thereof.

Almost a year ago, a similar project was deliberated – It was called ‘green tea with brownies‘ where I was blogging with a few lovely women that I have the pleasure of befriending. But when life comes in the way, there is little we can do and the blog died a slow death. But I urge you to take a moment to skim it; It could have been a masterpiece. And since I am not giving up hope on reviving the blog on someday, I have decided to leave that space be and instead lay another footprint on the web through these coconuty tales.

For the past few years, I have been on a constant quest for order and organisation. I have labeled my spices, filed my documents in alphabetical order, compartmentalized winter and summer clothes; you get the picture! Yet, when things get chaotic inside my head, I have no hard and fast rule to sort them. I digress. And probably this quest to rank, stack and organize has led to my blog on books ( that I must revive soon ), this blog about food and health and the original blog about everything else. Aside from cutting my thoughts in this way, I vent with discretion on twitter and vent without boundaries on some nights in a journal.

Just re-reading the previous paragraph makes me realise just one thing – even with all the order, there is still chaos and in the chaos there is order. Irony. Not a fan? Doesnt matter! Bottom line is I am going to use this space to talk of one of the many things revolving in my life at the moment – good food, a quest for fitness and the love for running. I will be ranting about other things too like green diapers and little green men, may be; may be not! Either ways do pay a visit then and there and I promise to keep it as updated as possible.

See you all in my kitchen in a few! 🙂


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