It’s sunday again!

For most of my life, sundays meant appa was home for the entire day. It meant we would have a more elaborate-than-usual lunch together as a family, take a happy siesta and wake up to find amma has already prepared tea and kick-knacks to go with it. Sometimes we headed to the beach, but otherwise, it was mostly the 4 pm movie-switching and all the good food.

Our sundays these days, arent very different. An elaborate brunch/lunch is almost always a norm. Its mostly tried and tested recipes since I try to prepare for monday’s lunch and dinner as well. And soon I am sick of all the cooking and wash it off with a kadak masaledaar chai ( my sole cup of indulgence one-per-week ) for evening.

Today I decided to beat all the scare about the coldest-night since 2004 and all the statistics by doing the puri chola – chola like the chola kingdom.. thats how I have always called it and the name stuck… So here is how my chola comes undone.. Its a foolproof recipe, so try it without amiss –


Kabuli channa ( white chick peas ) – 2 cups soaked and cooked OR 2 Cans

Onions – 1 large, 1 small

Tomatoes – 2 medium

garlic pods – 2

ginger – 1″ cube

bay leaves – 2 to 3

red chilly powder – to taste

kasoori methi

chole masala (optional ) OR amchur powder with coriander powder

fresh finely cut cilantro – a handful

lemon wedge OR walnut size tamarind soaked in hot water


It is a slightly laborious recipe. So dont try it if you are working against time!

Gravy –

  • * Fry the cut small onion in a spoonful of oil. As it turns golden brown, plop in the cut medium tomatoes.
  • * To the tomato-onion medley add garlic and ginger and let cook.
  • * As soon as the tomatoes are mashed and pulpy sprinkle a spoonful for kasoori methi and set this mixture aside.

NOTE : kasoori methi gives a wonderful aroma. So definitely try not to avoid it.

As the to-be-gravy cools down —

  • * Cut the large onion finely. Set aside 1/3rd of it for serving.
  • * In the kadai, add oil and let a tsp of jeera and bay leaves splutter. You may add curry leaves to the tadka but that is optional.
  • * Fry the 2/3rd finley cut onions on a low flame.

While the onion sautees —

  • * Beat the onion-tomato mixture to a semi-smooth pulp without adding any water. You can add green chillies to this if you wish to reduce the amount of chilly powder.
  • * Pour the gravy on the sauteed onions and let cook.
  • * To this frothing gravy add chilly powder and chole masala.
  • * If using tamarind, you may add the soaked tamarind juice now.

NOTE: do not add lemon juice instead. Boiling lemon juice gives the end product a bitter taste. If using lemon add it after the chole cools down.

When the gravy thickens —

  • * Add chole to it. Add water as necessary, just enough to sink the chole.
  • * Let simmer to a light boil for atleast 15 min.
  • * Add salt to taste.

5 Min before taking it off the stove –

  • * Mash atleast 1/3rd of chick peas using the ladle. The chole must look like a mixture of whole and mashed chole at the end of it.

NOTE: The mashed chick peas become part of the gravy and give an added taste.


5 min before serving –

To the 1/3 finely cut onions, squeeze a whole lemon wedge and sprinkle salt. This helps keep the piquant onion taste under control.

Serve chole with hot fried puris and a side plate adorned with spoon of onion, finely cut cilantro and a mildly fried green chilly!

Enjoy!!! 🙂



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