Restaurant review

Mueng Thai

Since early dec, I have lunched at this little place in Marlborough downtown over ten times… and it doesnt tire!I have been raving about it in many under-140 letters’ expressions. So decided that it warrants a post!

My affair with thai-food began almost six years back when I had the most awesome stuffed omelet with grated coconut at an idyllic thai resturant in midtown NYC. And then it extended to many drunken noodles at Pho & i on huntington ave, Boston and unending craving for fried icecream at Brown sugar, now renamed Thaitation, Jersey street, Boston. Evidently, I am a sucker for thai food, may be because it uncannily resembles kerala food at some level. Unlike the general vegetarian/vegan assumption that thai food is for meat lovers, I love their veggie options more than meat.

So my final destination with thai food has been this small restaurant, which I must warn is not very impressive looking from outside, but serves the best thai food I have eaten till date. I was introduced to the place by couple of thais and they will vouch any day that it matches authentic food of their home country! The place is a little out of the way in south west MA off Rt 495. Pay a visit if you are around there or passing through. You wont be disappointed.

What i recommend –

  • Lunch is supplemented with a soup of the day. The spicy soup on wednesdays is mindblowing! It is very crowded for lunch, so get there early.
  • They have an extensive menu and whatever new dish I have tried, I have loved them all! My favorites until now – drunken noodle, basil curry with tofu and brown rice, fried chicken/tofu kaprow with brown rice, lemon basil tofu salad, basil pad thai and basil fried rice.
  • What I learnt later is thai food uses a different basil than the ones used in the tomato-basil pastas. Their maenglak ( lemony basil ) is the one that gives that amazing flavor. I dig that! Some of the dishes like ‘rad nar’ use the holy basil, nothing but Indian tulasi; add radnar to the list too 🙂
  • They whip up simple but yummy desserts. If you dig anything to do with vella-aapam and coconut milk based food, you will be a fan; otherwise not so much. The best i had so far was sugar coated hibiscus petals in sweeteed coconut milk. Other varieties include the a dish close to “etha-pazam puzungiyadu” (the big fat kerala banana steamed )
  • The two ladies who serve are very friendly ( yes! just two of them and they do a great job !). Service is excellent.
  • The prices are very reasonable and you can have a hearty meal within 10$ to 12$ per head.

So next time you crave or think thai food.. you know where to go!!!


Link to their website!  —  MuengThai





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