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Efforts at unni appam

There is a quiet little idyllic village in kerala called thottuvai; everything you imagined about a countryside comes true – lush green fields, swaying coconut trees, clean gurgling river, slow lifestyle.  My great grandmother had lived there by the thottuvai river, of which my mother has endless stories to narrate of. My tryst with that place has been for the famous thottuvai krishnan temple. He is a gorgeous little idol, much like guruvayoor and udupi ones. But like most temples across India, this one too houses the favorite elephant god in a conspicuous corner. Now, the offering that this portly pullayar expects is to have the idol covered with a mountain of ghee-fried unni appams and the offering is thus termed – appam-moodal (appam-covering).  And as a part of this offering was when I slurped the most amazing golden brown unni-appams ever!

Amma has the traditional cast iron appa-kaaral and appams and avil-pori are definitely made for karthikai. I tried to recreate that on my nonstick kuzi-paniyaram vessel. As you can observe, my unni appams turned out more like sweet kuzi paniyarams; I think it is owing to the amount of ghee/oil that i added. I didnt let it froth in a blubber of oil, rather let it crackle in constrained ghee. My recipe is by no means a full proof one, for I mixed a little of this and that and ended with these, that taste amazing, but don’t look like what they should. I also ended with a mishap – my wet mixie attachment breaking, right after the mix got done! 😦

What I did –

I ground —

  • 1 cup raw rice soaked overnight
  • One ripe banana
  • heaped 2 to 3 spoonfuls of pazam-varati and 2 spoons of chakka-varati (thick  banana-jam and jackfruit-jam homemade by amma )
  • almost 1 cup of scraped jaggery
  • handful of grated coconut
  • 4 cardamoms crushed.

Then I fried the dough in kuzi paniyaram vessel with ghee and oil, until golden brown or somewhere there! 🙂

Have you tried unni-appams ? How did they turn out?


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