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As indicated in a lot of my tweets, I have been on a working from home for couple of days in a week. And the reasons being –

  1. Distance to travel
  2. Distance I drive
  3. Distance between work and home.

Potato-Patato!! 🙂

In any case, it isn’t permanent, for fear of dying of zilch human presence for over twenty hours! ( I might have considered twitter an awesome companion, if not for the age we live in ( we still love face to face interactions, don’t we? Please say YES! ). Oatmeal for some graphic description of the same.) So without digressing further — I have decided to liven up my WFH with food of course! I get the lunch hour to cook myself a hot meal, so why not? Well that also means, I have to balance and restrict myself from snacking, get some exercise ( walking from door to mail box when it is biting cold, or a skip in the basement ), and turn on some mindless television or music in the background to cut out the lull.



And like most efforts on this web space, I have decided to improve my photography and throw in some simple recipes, dishes that get done in less than 15 min! Today I had a beetroot, cucumber yogurt sandwich with egg burji and a glass of diluted cranberry juice.

Beetroot Cucumber yogurt sandwich

You can use any veggies/ greens that are easy to crunch and soften easily. — I grated 1 large beetroot and half a cucumber. —Dry toasted the veggies in a pan to soften a bit. —Threw some peanuts for added crunch. — Added a spoon of thick yogurt.— Smeared oregano, Cayenne and black pepper and salt.— Made the hot sandwich with whole grain bread and a slight shaving of butter, you know just to feel special ( every girl needs that once in a while! 🙂 )

Time : 10 min

Egg Burji

While getting the sandwich ready you can work on this. — Saute cut 1/4th onion and 1/2 small tomato.— sprinkle salt, chilly powder and coriander powder.— Break the egg, 2 egg whites  if wanting to avoid the yellow.— Mix, mash and crumble.— Mix some fresh cilantro.

Time: 10 min

Will leave with a little note I have learnt – Brush your teeth after every meal, even if you have amazing healthy ones. Prevents the sweet tooth cravings, the thought of snacking and caffeine wants!






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