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coconut thattu dosa

Last week, other than having had a fabulous time in the Puerto Rican sun, I had a major vella-aapam debacle. My proportions and ingredients had gone haywire and I had ended with gooey aapams. Also, it left me with a drum full of batter that wasn’t flexible for some of the failed trials ( baking, steaming, frying ) anda very yummy vegetable stew turned bereft!

So a week and after, on a new trial to use the batter, I had mixed it in parts with the fermented dosa batter and it rendered cripsy thin coconut thattu dosas! Well.. no recipe sharing really, for its a mistake being corrected, so just for the keeps.! A few pics from saturday night comfort food.

If you may – I have had white coconut dosais at a family friend’s place many many years ago. It was a kannadiga recipe and it was amazing! I was eight, but still remember the taste 😀 I must attempt it i guess sometime. This wasn’t even close, but a medley of dosa and aapam and being thin, crispy and holey, it passed well.

We had it with sambhar and tomato-cilantro chutney.





3 thoughts on “coconut thattu dosa

  1. Dosas and idlies are the recipes I’ve always hesitated to try because of the whole home made batter involvement 🙂 but once I kinda got the hang of it it’s fullon addictive! Love the crisp look of the dosai

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