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Each to your own 5K run/walk

They (they.. I make it sound like the CIA) say there is a 8-12 incher snow storm heading our way tomorrow. On april 1st. I so don’t want to believe it, but hey! that’s the wonder of New England 🙂 I am not going to snuggle in my comforter and make a raucous about it; rather run a few extra miles today and get in the groove for tomorrow’s shoveling! (fun! < tongue in cheek>)


I am glad I didn’t defer this year’s running for better weather, for better weather is a myth in this part of the world that lasts for too short a time. So without losing momentum and in anticipation of completing a few milestones I have set for myself this year, I have decided to take part in the World Wide WordPress 5 K happening from April 4th to April 10th 2011. (Link)


It is as simple as waking up and telling yourself to take a hike! pardon the pun! We did a 5K last summer and since we have stuck to 2.3 to 2.75 miles running everyday (make it every weekday), except the three terrible winter months. This year I have started adding some strength training, in addition to getting enough confidence to join a runners’ league that has few marathoners as well! And since I am already on the run for this year, 5K next sunday seemed like a great plan!


No timers, no winners, no pressure. Just you, your determination and the love for running. So who all are joining me? No one? Anyone? Everyone? It is open for anyone, not just wordpress users. So, I will more than happy to share your story on my blog! You may, run, walk, stroll anything, anywhere of your liking in your part of the world — but share a story on how you did it and may be even a “why you did it?”


Hoping to share my side of the 5K story for wwwp5K 2011 next week!

Remember – It is not important you had the courage to do it, but that you have the courage to start!


3 thoughts on “Each to your own 5K run/walk

  1. I wish I could work out everyday, but my routine is usually twice a week of either elliptical for 2.5 miles, running 2.5 miles or swimming .5 miles. I do get in 2 miles of walking everyday though 🙂 have fun on the 5k!

    1. Add an extra .5 miles to your 2.5 mile run/walk! and share the experience( one photograph should do!). the water front may be?

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