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Bleed Blue Cupcakes!

GUEST-POST by the lovely anu-harini-menon. Anu is an awesome cook, that doesnot need mentioning, a lovely painter and probably a lot more I am unaware of! Lets just say, anu and I are best friends with common best friends and easily transcended into being best friends! (are you with me?) And having heard so much about each other for over 10 years, we finally met couple of years back! We share a love for most things mallu, peppered with an equal love for hyderabad and of course the company of the lovely ladies we have been friends with since were were 10! So here is to all the Anu-s ( we have 3 of them! ), Saps and Ann.. AND to the “men in blue” 🙂 — Div

An Ode to the Men in Blue…

It’s been an amazing weekend for the Cricket Lovers in India. A dream come true for millions spread all across the world – a World Cup victory after 28 years! Check this out! After the win, needless to say people went crazy, they celebrated, they laughed, cried, burst crackers like it was Diwali/July 4th! And it brought the whole country together. Families got together to watch and celebrate-it proves that cricket is a religion in our sub-continent. Since this also means that we get to celebrate till the next world cup(On an average that’s been 4 years now- I am not sure about the 5 year and 3 year anomaly). Now I’ve mentioned before, that I haven’t really followed this game in a while, but all the enthusiasm showed by D and A and many, many others on my Twitter and FB TL somehow built up enough curiosity to watch the finals via live streaming. The sad part was I missed the final 6 which led to India’s victory-the live streaming decided not to ‘live’ anymore.

What with all the controversy surrounding the Trophy, it’s a blessing there isn’t blood(blue blood) spewing all around. Instead I thought let’s make some cupcakes with blue frosting. To be very honest I wanted to make blue cupcakes, with blue frosting and topped with blue sugar crystals. I started with trying to make some blue cupcakes which turned out nasty to look out but were moist and super tasty. But I couldn’t call it a cupcake cause it didn’t stay risen.

I spent about an hour(make that 3) researching recipes and videos for simple no fancy cupcakes that were moist and would look pretty. I finally realized that Ria had made some perfect looking ones just the other week! So I kinda tweaked her recipe a bit and make some blue butter cream cheese frosting and voila we were done by midnight! Now this is my 1st(the blue unrisen cupcakes don’t count) real attempt at baking these cute little cakes and the end result was satisfying.

If you want the perfect looking cupcakes you can follow Ria’s recipe and you’ll be good. I made very slight changes.

For 12 medium sized Cupcakes:
All purpose flour – 2 Cups
Baking powder – 2 Tsp
Salt – 1/2 Tsp(Please don’t miss this ingredient)

Sugar – 1 Cup(I used fine dark brown sugar, the recipe calls for fine white sugar)
Unsalted butter ,room temperature – 1/2 c
Eggs – 3 (The recipe called for just 2) – The eggs were cold, just out of the fridge.
Milk – 1/4 Cup (The recipe called for 1/2 Cup) – I used room temperature milk.
Vanilla extract – 2 Tsp


Pre-heat the oven to 350F and position the rack in the centre(as the oven gets heated the heat rises up, so this makes the hottest portion of the oven the top most portion).
You can use a 12- cup muffin tin by placing the cupcake liners in it. Here I have a confession to make. I was a little skeptical about buying one of those and so when I found reusable silicon cupcake liners for like a buck I decided to try my luck with them before I got all fancy.

Sift the flour, baking powder and salt really well. I saw tonnes of videos where they simple used the hand mixer to mix really well. But I’m a sifter!
Beat together the butter and sugar for a few minutes till the butter and sugar get all fluffy. Add the eggs one by one and beat well. The mixture might look curdled but not to worry – it’s how it’s supposed to look. Be sure to use a spatula to scrap all the sides and bottom of your mixing dish inbetween the beating process to make sure it combines well.
Now slowly add the flour and milk alternately. I was a little careful with the milk here as I didnt want my batter to be runny. Add in the vanilla extract and beat for a minute or so.

I used two spoons to 3/4th fill the cupcakes. Give enough space for the cupcakes to rise because, I promise you, rise they will! 😀
Bake for 20-25 mins or till the top is lightly brown in colour(these don’t brown much) and the toothpick test works. They took my oven exactly 20 minutes to bake!
Remove from the silicon liners immediately and let it cool completely.

The Frosting:

  • Unsalted Butter – 4Oz(1/2 a stick of butter)
  • Confectioners sugar – 2 Cups(You can use more or less depending on how sweet you like your frosting)
  • Cream Cheese – 1/2 Cup
  • Food colouring – 6 drops of sky blue
  • Salt – 1/4 Tsp

Using a hand beater beat beat up the above ingredients till light and fluffy or untill the peaks stand. This would take you about 5-6 minutes. You can use a piping bag with all the fancy attachments or a ziplock bag to fill in the frosting.

Now one important tip. Please wait for the cupcakes to cool completely before you start piping the frosting otherwise your frosting is going to start melting. Just to make sure I placed the cupcakes for 3-4 minutes in the freezer after frosting. You can skip this step.

One more thing, I had some white granulated sugar which I coloured to pink using food colouring. So after I frosted the cupcakes, I sprinkled the top with the coloured sugar granules.

It’s all done… Men in Blue, this is for you!!!

May the Celebrations continue!!! We love you, you Men in Blue!


P.S: The pictures were taken with a Sony DigiCam and were taken at night.


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