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Why run?

I had a tough time convincing someone, who irrefutably believes that she is over-weight, to take up running. To top it, she can’t stop worrying about “what will people think” if she runs? I could sympathize with her to an extent, for I have felt similar pangs back in India, not about “what will people think?”; lest i get jeered, catcalled and eve-teased trying to go the distance. And even in chennai, one of the safest metros in India, I had a pretty nasty experience once while jogging. But I am beginning to understand through friends and forums that running is getting popular back home too and hopefully by the time I return, I will be either too old to be catcalled or catcalling will vanish forever!  ( side tracked – after eliminating corruption, women’s safety should be next! )

So here are my exactly TWO simple cents on running that I used for convincing today, not that you can’t find hoards and hoards of forums and websites online; just a few words from experience –

  1. Take up one activity and stick with it for life. running and walking are the easiest. Running is way easier than you think! you can do it on trips, travel, move, anytime, anywhere!
  2. Running will keep you motivated and confident always; whether it is for weight-loss, getting over addictions like smoking and alcohol or getting fit and healthy or simply for the joy of it.

Like anything, overdoing the running bit is what leads to injuries, or trying to do it too fast too soon. So take it up in moderation and work upwards! So that is where I leave the post today. I was hoping to complete atleast three 5Ks this week, as part of the wordpress world wide 5K; done with one yesterday, hopefully I get to make use of the 60s weather tomorrow. Been a good ride with WWWp5K! great job by wordpress to motivate people! Tomorrow with the pictures on the run.. until then!


UPDATE : 04/10/2011

Completed 5Ks this week – 3

weather – 60s

Route – suburban roads, hilly

Best time – 40 min

Pictures – to be uploaded

wwwp5K – COMPLETE 😀

Next week is going to be a busy one and back to 2 milers!


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