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For amma

Warning: Not the average mother’s day post! 🙂

My mother is a very good cook. I had once narrated her story as a cook, as I have known it on my blog. When I first left home for the US, I knew nothing about cooking; not even how to make tea. I had learnt it the hard way and missed my mother’s cooking immensely those times. Even now, I crave a lot of her dishes and the ones I have mastered, I cook them, recalling the ingredients and tastes, if I can’t get her on phone.

Amidst my weed-killing sunday morning errand and a stroll through the lawn to get the sprinklers working for this season,  I had this idea to lunch on the lawn and cook up something quick and tasty. I didn’t do anything out of the box – my mother’s simple pulav recipe and the cucumber raita, which she tempers with mustard and red chili. I had also prepared the Puerto Rican beans, which surprisingly went pretty well with the pulav. So there, that’s how I dedicated my lunch today to amma!

The weather is not half as bad. Cloudy from time to time, but the lawn lunch was quiet awesome.

Happy mother’s day!


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