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The simBle mallu food

There is a combo that is often talked of in regards to mallu food –  “thotille meenum, vaatiya kappayum’, fish and tapioca, the quintessential kerala food. Well! going by the books, I didn’t do justice to the combo tonight, by cutting out fish and making it a veggie meal. But nevertheless, its the happiest, comfort food combo for me and this is how we made our dinner simBle today! –

Varutha Kappa (Yuca/Tapioca)

Tenǧa Chamandi ( coarse coconut and red chilly crushed )

Podi Ari Kaǹji ( Broken red rice porridge )

Uppil ita maaǹga (Tiny raw mangoes in brine )

I dribbled a few drops of ghee to my bowl of kaǹji! No major recipe racking here – Boiled yuca, roasted in oil with mustard seeds and broken dry red chilly, Toasted coconut, green chilly, peppercorns and red chili crushed to a coarse consistency, red rice cooked with excess water. The picture is um.. not so impressive; I am going to blame the cloudy doused weather for it, since I mostly click my pics in day light. A light box is next on line towards better food pics!

Since our overdone trip to NJ, I have been sticking to home cooked healthy foods, and no restaurants; hence a little slump on the blogging. Well! so i decided why not blog about the simple foods too!? Hope everyone is having a great weekend and wishing everyone a great week ahead!


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