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Its summer time in Boston

It is very easy to fall in love with Boston city in the summer. As a dweller you love the serene pallor amidst all the din of a city; as the traveler you love the walks that showcase a labyrinth of alleyways, basement scrabble clubs and cozy cafes; as the tourist you find her mesmerizing in the lull heat and beautiful in a subtle happy way.

N and I had explored Boston to a fault many years ago and it is in the past few since our “exodus” to the suburbs, we hold our long drives into the city like little treasures, we collect, filling up a small shoe box ! 🙂 Instead of walking the streets (which we eventually ended up doing! ) we decided to do a slightly different visit today. We caught a Planetarium show  at the Museum of Science, strolled the museum (which we otherwise never venture into), ate a light meal and eventually found a cozy green square in Havard area with some live guitar strumming in the mid-summer stuffy air.

While we also managed to get ourselves wet in the intermittent thunder storms and I had to waken N up from his 15 min nap during the planetarium show; also we cussed a bit about the city traffic, the loot of the day was the little cupcake shop on Brattle square. It’s a tiny white shop, that gives you the feeling of entering into a clean white linen, only difference being, it smells of heavenly edible flavors !

So there you go, pictures of the cupcakes; my favorite is the one with the umbrella which is the pina colada flavor. The others are bubblegum, pink lemonade, cappuccino and muddy caramel. So can you match the names with the cakes? Go on!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wishing everyone a happy sunday and for everyone who has tomorrow off, a happy long weekend! 🙂


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