Spicy Coconut Pasta

Ingredients –

Bell pepper -1 cut lengthwise
Carrot – 2 medium size cut length wise
Beans is also a good veggie to add to this. I didn’t add it this time.
Onion – 1 medium cut length wise
Spring onion – 1 bunch cut finely (optional) – although it does enhance the taste
Coconut milk – nearly 2 Tbsps
For protein – Tofu or Chicken. I used tofu this time.
Linguinie or flat noodle type pasta – measure of 3

Spices –
Coarse paste of 1 inch ginger cube, 2 garlic pods and 2 full habanero red chili
Crushed black peppercorns – according to spice level
Red chili flakes – a few shakes
Lemon pepper – a pinch

For the tofu –

In a bowl with an air tight lid, add 2 tsps of oil and 1 tsp pf soy sauce. To this add some red chili flakes and salt.
Dice the firm tofu lengthwise and toss it into this oil medley.
Close the lid and shake the bowl around to evenly smear the tofu pieces with the marinade.
Keep aside for atleast 2 hours.

Procedure –

Start off by setting the pasta vessel to boil and let the pasta cook.
In the meantime plop the marinated tofu along with the oil medley into a flat pan on medium flame.
toss and turn as it browns. When it is sufficiently browned on all sides, set the pan fried tofu aside.
In the same pan start by frying the onions until translucent; then add the veggies and let fry for a while.
Add the spices and cook with the lid closed, so that the veggies start to ooze water.
Now add the coconut milk and bring it to a mild boil.

Time the coconut milk boiling gravy such that the pasta is cooked and drained by this time.
To the coconut gravy, add the pasta and let is blend with the veggies and coconut milk with a hissing sound ( i love that! )
You may add more chili flakes or salt as needed at this point.

Try to avoid making the pasta mashed up and let it cook without the lid.
Toss in the tofu pieces and blend.
2 minutes before turning off the flame, add the spring onions and toss it all up.

Serve hot with a lemon wedge. (The lemon and coconut milk, help alleviate the hotness habanero and chili flakes may cause)
Tossing some manglek or thai basil is also a great addendum, i tried that once!


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