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Tracking my run towards a half

I finally braved and signed up for my first ever half marathon, which is to happen in Oct of this year. I am a moderate runner and run, like i have mentioned before, for the joy of it. It had started as an attempt towards weight-shedding, but transcended to more and I wont be lying if I said that it changed my life and our life together at many levels; starting from making healthy choices to feeling confident

So, in this small space, as suggested by @myonlyfacade, I have decided to track my progress towards the goal, which seems daunting and mildly mammoth-like at the moment. Hopefully I can get there on time and overcome any hiccups I face along the way.

For now here is what I have worked on –


I have done one long run per week, thus far.’Longness’ of the long run I am hoping to increase as each week goes by. My longest so far has been 8 miles and I nearly killed myself with dehydration on that one. So that is when I researched on hydration belts and decided to not attempt another over 5 mile run without carrying water. There are many hydration belts out there, all you need to do is amazon search it. I short listed the following –

  • Nathan speed 2
  • Fuel Belt helium
  • Northface hydration belt.

And finally, I ended up buying Nike, 4 bottle belt, which worked out cheaper than the 3 above. I have used it once thus far and it seems to do its job: fits snugly, doesn’t seem to add any stress and has more than enough water for me, at least so far!


I have done something crazy or sacrilegious to many hard-core runners out there; bought myself a new pair of shoes to go ahead with my training from now on. My comfort pair of reebok shoes are reaching a 400 miles mileage on them. So I decided to continue using them for my walks and cross training. A good website to look for your fit and brand of shoes is or

I got myself a pair of Asics cumulous 12. I havent had the courage to go for vibrams yet, even though I hear a lot of good reviews.

Well!! shoes hydration belt and everything apart, what I havent mentioned yet and I believe is foremost is confidence and courage. Even if my attempt may seem doable or easy for many who have done it so many times, I bet, it is only me who can experience it all the way and feel the feel, in all its idiosyncrasy or difficulty!

So hopefully… I can get there! Will track my efforts on this blog with a post from time to time.


2 thoughts on “Tracking my run towards a half

    1. I have not had to drink over 8 oz of water so far. The longest i went with water is 6.5M. but i think it depends on your tolerance for heat and humidity too!

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