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Run to half – Update 2

Today I ran a modest 3.0 miles, it is the most popular and basic distance one must keep up lifelong, is what I was advised once. Well, we have kept at it and cover this distance now without feeling the pinch, we used to while working towards completing the 5K. So, go conquer your 5K, I say!

I have been making some good progress towards distance coverage and speed improvement in the past 2 weeks. I am inching towards 6.0 mph mark through fartlek training, strength training with  weights and short distance fast runs. While my distance needs more “miles to go”, the best so far has been 7 miles with a short water break for 10 to 15 sec.

I am not following any specific training program online. More of a mix and match of my own based on how my body responds. So here are a few rules or ideas that helped me thus far –

  • Follow a day of your long run with rest or cross training like swimming or a medium difficulty fitness class or a short run/walk.
  • Once a week aim to do strenuous strength training – weights, push ups et all. Helps strengthen the muscles for run.
  • Improve mileage gradually per week. example (week1 mon: 3M, tue 7M, wed cross, thu 4.5M, fri 5M …. week2 mon 4M, tue 8M wed cross thu 3M fri 6M ) no hard and fast rule, but improves the base miles you can run with ease. My body feels less stress doing 4M now on a regular basis.
  • Important to get your proteins, water and carbs! Good veggie options, I garnered from a friend who completed his first marathon were these –
  1. Peanut butter with wheat crackers
  2. Egg whites
  3. Steamed Tofu with broccoli ( my fav )

Thats from me for now!

On the cooking front, I have been enjoying my mother in law’s cooking. She has made enough to last another week for us, after she heads back home. I shall post pictures of the ‘palaharams’ she has made in the next post!

Hope everyone is getting their exercise and having new meals to eat! 🙂


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