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Food, run and everything within!

I have not stopped cooking… We have been eating it all up before capturing the dishes on camera.I have not stopped running either… Been hiking, holidaying and nursing a two-day sickness instead 🙂

Sick food

It was only recently, that I had raved to my mother that, I am keeping very good health compared to what Chennai weather used to do to me. I had been quick to map it to timely meals and running; (while amma still believes, yoga is the best way to stay healthy! 🙂 ) And like an alarm clock, gobbling down a handful of brackish water cooked peanuts and sweating copiously on the 7 mile hike in 90F had been a crazy idea in retrospect! Falling ill isn’t all bad; I enjoy it once the throat pain gives way to running nose and after that it is a cake walk. So after a sickness hiatus of 2 and half years I had the chance to make myself pepper rasam and thankfully, I had no fever or feelings of one, so didn’t need to sleep through the day or take medicines.

I decided to give a little twist to the pepper rasam and plopped in a handful of barley and cilantro. Try it on a sick day, it was heavenly! 😀

On the run

I am combining a substantial amount of strength training to my running now. I have rekindled Skipping (jump rope, as it is called here ) and squats to follow a run. I remember finding the right spot on the terrace of our apartment, so that I am jumping on amma’s kitchen and not on top of neighbor’s and waking them up.. I was inspired by a neighbour-aunty back then who could do 500 in one go! Well.. i still can’t do 500 in one breath and I don’t do that many, even with breaks. Now i have the entire driveway to jump rope 🙂 and to think of it, almost every scar on my knees is from run-and-skip game I played as a little girl.

Less than a month to the half and I wont lie that I am super confident. I think of not showing up offlate 😦 or wish it is a storm day and I get my excuse. And then i think of the “beating the couch” phrase and before I know, I am setting pace with ‘Gilli’.

Fall running league has started and so has the fall frosts! I have moved up to intermediate-runner status.. I hope, it is as much fun as the one in spring was!

Veggie Lover

Through word of mouth, we happened to find this vegetable farm few miles from home, where I could pick fresh organic veggies for a steal. You are given a bag for 10$, which you can fill with everything you want to.

So here is what we got; I was particularly ecstatic about tomatoes and ended up with a spicy ‘takalli tokku’.

I shouldn’t get used to this, since winter will be difficult. Lets see! At least I know that starting spring 2012, I will be heading for some fresh veggie pickings 🙂

Happy cooking and exercising! Until next post.


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