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Midas Touch

Since last weekend, I have been on a cooking and eating roll… Last night I had been party to a birthday surprise thrown to a dear friend by his wife; And oh so well planned one! And like most parties they have thrown before, she had lovingly slogged, making the perfect meals to anoint the occasion – This time batata vada ( Mashed spicy potatoes deep-fried in dough ), Misal Paav ( über spicy Mixed lentils gravy with buttered bread ), home-made butter cream vanilla cake and home-made milk sauce to go with it!

Oh My! I am drooling typing that, even after having my stomach’s fill just 24 hours ago! 😀

Well, not only have I been privy to such a good spread, I have also been cooking a lot this week. Since the molagootal success, I blogged about earlier, I went on to make red pearl onion sambhar to go with creamy venn pongal and chutney. I have never seen N enjoy food recipes from my side of the family so much before; we enjoyed it so much, that we cancelled our dinner plans to stay home and wipe the sambhar clean with dosai. If that wasn’t a feather to my cap already, my banana bread was a raving success, that we cleaned half the cake with maple walnut icecream, right out of the oven!

Sigh…. Unfortunate, I have no pictures of any of these and ah well… I would like to look it like I am blessed with the midas touch to my cooking this week. The thai tofu medley with generous brussel sprouts and bell peppers from tuesday’s lunch and Vathakozhambu with brown rice and vazhakai mezhukuvarati from today’s were equally noteworthy…. ; that I am buckling down a little. I have not been on a streak of this sort for a while…. lest I lose it all in a week! <shudder>

I have kept up the running and yoga; so I have been eating guilt free, at least partially. And, I did manage to make pressed kale and bitter lemon juice to about three quater glass to detox, somewhere along the way and hopefully that will help as well! 😀

I will leave you with the picture of the salad I have packed for tomorrow’s lunch… like a redress and tribute to this winning streak.

Do you notice the attempt at a balanced meal in the pic ( hint: Barley and chick peas )? Well, I try.. what can I say? 🙂

Hope for more recipes will be added to this space in the coming weeks, before I go into a lull again!

Happy cooking… And happy eating!


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