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Snack time – Thair murukku

When it comes to kai murukku ( hand-made murukku, the south indian chakli ), there is a tryst with culture. It reminds of days watching the women folk of the family gathered around the gossiping fire; kneading the dough to a perfect consistency, twisting it in perfect spirals with nimble fingers on a white muslin cloth and then dipping it with a crackling splash in the bubbling oil for a grand finish. And they yielded golden brown happy crisps.

So, when i received a package of goodies yesterday, sent by my maami from Chennai, I was over the moon. Amidst, all the  thatai, cheedai, adirasam and on and on, the kai murukku took me to my happy place, the childhood, and of grandaunts and grandmothers who doled out their perfect hand-made specialties under a fired hearth. So go ahead feast your eyes 😀

I was also reminded of the evening snack amma makes from murukkus, that I love and god knows, it has been eons since I had it. It isn’t out of the world special; you should try it, if you are a fan of these golden twists and yogurt! 🙂 And mind you, they taste great only for kai murukkus, not for any other fried goody, Dont ask me why! i have no clue.

  •     Temper a cup full of yogurt with mustard, finely chopped green chilly, curry leaves, pinch of asafoetida, chopped up cilantro
  •     Add salt to taste
  •     Soak 2 or 3 murukkus in the yogurt mix for about 30 to 35 min.
  •     Serve cold

So there, as i chomped on my evening snack today with gusto, I could almost hear amma call out from the kitchen “murukku thairila   potu taratuma?”**. And I, the eighteen year old, who had pretended to work hard during my study-holiday, sighed on this welcome break to enjoy another windy sultry chennai evening, wiping the thair murukku clean !

** Shall i give you the murukkus soaked in curd?


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