Today morning, skimming through my closet, I realised that
subconsciously I had been avoiding clothes that “fit” around the
waist and hip. what was a little jigglly belly skin a year ago, a
motherhood gift, is now a toning wrinkly mass with spider web stretch
marks spread far and wide. I paused as I pulled out my favorite green
shirt. Heck! I was going to wear it because its my fav. If someone
has a problem with my post partum body, it isnt my problem!

I had forgotten about my moment of doubt, Until someone complimented
me for having thinned down. She added “running behind your toddler
must be the trick, huh?”. I would have usually nodded and let the
conversation end there. For some reason, today I had a little inkling
to gloat, probably it was from surviving a hard run early in the
morning. I said “yes, that and I workout too”. “I’d rather feel fit
and healthy anyday than thin” I added. The conversation, like many
others I have had with women (mothers and to-be-mothers in
particular), meandered to questions on ‘how do you have the energy to
pack workout into your day?’.

For anyone nodding reading this, thinking “yes, how
do i find that energy?”, it is a simple theory — “Expend energy to
have energy” ! To me, I dont know a better way to expend energy than
a workout!

When I was a child, between the mound of work my mother had to do,
and the excess she’d pile on herself, stemming from severe OCD,
hygeine concerns; as the day wound, she would have no energy to play
with me. And stressing herself this way in a cold place, she would
also often fall sick. And the cycle would repeat. She is tiny built
by nature and always eats/ate mindfully, so between her housely
activities she never had weight gain problems, but being tired; yes
that did happen many times. when I would ask her to come for a walk
with me, when I was a teenager,She used to often quip “I run around
the house so much. I dont really need any walking or other exercise
to keep my weight away”.

My dad, on the other hand, has been mostly active and energetic, but
not exactly on the ‘thin’ side. He still doesnt hire a coolie at
railway stations on principle and without qualms handles every
suitcase my mom packs even for short trips. He of course has failed
to convince my mother of what indian railways has been telling us for
decades “travel with less”, but thats a different story! He taught me
how to swim. He is an amazing diver. He is the first yogi I remmeber

watching flex to wonderful surya namaskarams. He used to play
badminton and frizbee with me for many many years. Even recently, he
enthusatically took to playing tennis on Wii, running all over our
family room when he was nearing 60. There was a phase, when late
nights at work, kept him away from being active and he also had one
too many chai or coffee a day as part of his job. But then, he always
bounced back with amma watching his diet and enouraging him to get
going. His retirement days now start with a swim; and if the monsoons
are pouring, he fast-walks in the underground parking lot.

So much for my inspiration, you must be thinking. But, wait, it gets
better! So somewhere after I left for my higher studies and amma
slowly wound into a life that sans taking care of her only child, she
decided to find time for herself. She adapted to yoga wonderfully at
such a later stage of her life. She has never done yoga in her entire
life I have been with her or before. But now, in the last 10 years,
it has become her second nature. She never misses her yoga practice
of the day;She practices her pranayamas on the upper-birth of the
train, on train journies, thats how much of a habit it is! She finds
a way to fit yoga in her everyday life, one way or the other! In that
simple activity, she has made a habit, she finds her energy and

So there you have my answer, when you will for something, you will
figure out way to do it! And yes, it is never late to start. And
when something is a habit, it is also easy to fallback after breaks!

Most mornings, this summer, my husband and I take turns to go for a
run. We wake up before our toddler does to make the time. So there, I
have my parents for inspiration and husband for company and a toddler
who is starting to awe and practice a down-dog with me at times on my
yoga mat. someday we hope he will join us for a run! I don’t have an
excuse to not dash out. And in all that 30 minutes of sweat and
breathing, I feel alive; I draw my energy for day! One running step
at a time…



One thought on “Energy

  1. I am so not surprised that you havent written in so long – but it’d be great to know how things have changed since 1 has become 2? I recently posted your guest post on my blog. Most than 3 yrs late but better late than never, no?

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